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Facts About Post Construction Cleaning

Many people have resorted to doing house renovations this season. Dirty sinks, bathroom tiles and even furniture have been the reasons for many people seeking home renovations. For one to enjoy all these benefits of renovation, one has to be ready to bear with some post-construction cleaning. Post construction cleaning is the cleaning done to your newly improved house. It can involve a lot of heavy lifting and cleaning. One must; therefore, be conscious of their health meaning that people who have respiratory issues such as asthma should be wary. Masks and gloves, as well as other protective clothing, should be used by such people to prevent accidents from occurring.

The opening of all windows should be done when starting the cleaning. Just the simple act of opening the windows can make the cleaning process a lot less cumbersome. Whatever season it may be, the people involved in the cleaning should be careful to allow airflow into the house. That will reduce the smells coming from the cleaning products as well as draw out some of the accumulated dust from the house. If some woodwork and plasterwork had been done during the construction, the airflow will also reduce these smells.

Sweeping is the first action to take after opening the windows. That is because when sweeping, dust particles tend to float away and stick to different surfaces around the house. If the person were to start with the dusting of the various surfaces around the house, they would be doing senseless work and would have to repeat the dusting after sweeping and so, to prevent this cycle, sweeping is recommended as the first course of action to take. Logic, therefore, instructs that sweeping be done before dusting. Microfiber cloths are the recommended cloths to use instead of old rags when wiping down surfaces in the house. After wiping down, one should then leave the room to enable the dust particles to settle down.

After waiting for about ten to twenty minutes, one can then pick up the vacuum cleaner and start with the carpet. The carpet fibers can end up having static that attracts the dust fibers in the air and lead to their accumulation. The vacuum should be put to operate on a low speed to increase the amount of dust collected.

In order to be completely sure, one should wipe down the surfaces again and also vacuum once more. It might sound like too much work but it will ultimately enable you to enjoy your newly improved house without any worries.

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