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Discover the Tricks You Can Use To Hack-Proof Your Smartphone and Safeguarding Data

Are you aware that there are more than 3.5 billion SIM hijacking smartphone users currently? Around 80% of Americans own a smartphone and they use it to perform various tasks like communicating, reading the news or banking. It is at this point that all the troubles start. Many cyber terrorists can use this chance to steal cash or SIM hijacking personal data from poorly secured smartphones. If you own a smartphone, you must know how to hack-proof it. Even though smartphone hacks are common, there are several things you can do to ensure that you are not the next culprit. Keep reading to know how SIM hijacking you can safeguard your smartphone.

Ensure that your smartphone software is updated. You are probably aware the software introduced for operating systems is not the best right from the word go. They might contain security gaps that cyber-terrorist can utilize. It is for this reason that developers release periodic security updates that get rid of these gaps to ensure that your phone is protected. The only thing that will be left for you to do is downloading and installing the security upgrades. You can check the updates manually on your phone or allow it to download automatically.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi connections unless you really have to. Most of the restaurants, bars, and commercial centers boast of having SIM hijacking free Wi-Fi connections to attract individuals. It is great to use the internet for free; however, it exposes you to many potential digital threats since public Wi-Fi connections are not safe. Rather than exposing yourself to SIM hijacking all these risks, utilize internet connection provided by your service provider even if it comes at a cost. Mobile internet networks are safer as opposed to public Wi-Fi as they do not expose you to security threats.

Frequently erase your browsing history. It is an ideal custom as it controls the amount of SIM hijacking information a cyberpunk can acquire from you. The best thing to do is erasing your browsing history, cookies and cache constantly to remove all your information from the internet. In case someone access your phone, they will have minimal or no data to acquire from you.

Avoid saving information regarding your credit card. Saving your credit card information can seem like an excellent idea when you are shopping from your phone as you will not be required to key in your information every time you are making a purchase. However, it may imply that a third-party can obtain your information easily if they gain access to your phone. If an online retailer asks you to save your credit card data, refuse all the time and you will be stress-free. As the saying goes better be safe than sorry.

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