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Why Going to Church Is Soo Important

Going to church is one of the problems that many Christians faces. From old times there were a group of people who did not go to church; however, the percentage has increased. Going to the church is an act of obedience to the lord. Continues absence of the church can lead to willful sin. At the church you will see the judgment time approaching. By not attending the church services, you will be neglecting your duties in the church.

You will be empowered when you gather with other believers to worship together. It is essential to note that Christ lives in the spirit once we believe. It is necessary for every believer to come together and praise the lord. The Christ is among the people who gather together with an aim of worship; this is according to Mathew 18:20. For this reason, ensure that you attend Christina gathering often.

Attending the church services help you to grow together. It is vital to note that no human is perfect and people often make mistakes. To live a holy live, you require assistance from the god and other people. People come together during the church services which helps them to grow. The holy book state that when people come together, the holy spirit will be with them.

Christ instructed people to worship the father. In every undertaking, ensure that you are praising the Lord. During the worship, Christians should offer themselves as a living sacrifice to the Christ. You should not isolate yourself from other believers. There is a specific role that you can play in the church. There is a specific gift for every worshiper. A church services makes you more strong in using a gift from the holy spirit. Christ instructed people to use their gift in building the church.

Attending the church services is a clear indication of how much you love the lord. The bible require Christian to come together for the love of the Christ. During the church services, people public acknowledge how much they trust in the promises of the lord. We bring offering, praises, and honors which are meant to praise him. The essence of coming together is to serve the Lord for the many blessing that he has given us.

Attending the church build our spiritual strength. The things that you learn in the church will make your faith stronger if you follow them. You are taught how to deal with any object that wants to obstruct your faith. It is essential to note that everyone faces a lot of obstacles but when you attend the church service, you are equipped with a shield. Ensure that you utilize every opportunity that you have to make your faith stronger.

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